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Fighting for the American Dream 

More than ever, Americans are struggling to afford their homes, pay for education, access healthcare, and keep good paying jobs. Additionally, MAGA Republicans continually attack women and LGBTQ+ communities across the country. In Congress I will introduce and prioritize the passage of a new American Dream Act. The bill includes specific provisions to build an economy for all, provide equitable access to a clean and healthy environment, revitalize our cities, and protect the rights of women and LGBTQ+ individuals. 


The American Dream means that we must create more pathways to affordable housing and incentivize homeownership as a critical pathway for families to create economic security. In Congress, I will devote at least 25% of earmark requests to secure unprecedented levels of funding to increase the supply of affordable housing in Los Angeles, focus on addressing the root causes of homelessness, and foster home ownership.  Additionally, my American Dream Act would: 

  • Create a new federal renters’ tax credit to allow taxpayers who rent their homes to receive a credit on their annual tax return, based on total rent payment and income level. 
  • Expand federal assistance to States for Substance Abuse Prevention and Treatment Block Grants and Community Mental Health Services Block Grants.
  • Provide federal down payment assistance to first-time homebuyers (or first-time couple homeowners) who have not purchased a home in the last five years. 
  • Address housing discrimination against LGBTQ+ individuals and veterans and provide resources to specifically combat veteran and LGBTQ+ youth homelessness.


The American Dream means that we must ensure every student has the opportunity to pursue quality higher education without signing up for a life-long sentence of paying student loans debts that only increase year after year due to high-interest rates and predatory lending practices. In Congress, I will focus on expanding access to affordable higher education and democratizing postsecondary education by investing in lifelong education opportunities.  Additionally, my American Dream Act would: 

  • Cancel up to $20,000 of student debt for qualifying low income families.
  • Expand Pell Grants to cover non-tuition and fee costs. 
  • Provide eligibility for DREAMers to receive Pell Grants.
  • Support loan forgiveness for educators who work in underserved communities or in high-need subject areas, including STEM. 


Community safety and economic security are key to ensuring more families have access to the American Dream. In Congress, I would support tax incentives to grow small and micro businesses, push for common-sense measures to prevent gun violence, and support law enforcement.  Additionally, my American Dream Act would: 

  • Expand federal funding for police training, accountability, and community policing practices to help police recruitment and build trust between law enforcement and the communities they serve.
  • Increase funding for local law enforcement agencies to enhance their capabilities, and help ensure that law enforcement can respond effectively to various public safety threats.
  • Provide affordable healthcare options for small and micro business owners and their employees.
  • Provide partial wage replacement for small and micro business owners, employees and the self-employed to access parental leave or to handle serious health conditions for themselves or family members.


The American Dream means that everyone should have the right to access a healthy environment, breathe clean air, and drink clean water. In Congress, I will support creating green jobs that focus on renewable energy, sustainable agriculture, and energy efficient infrastructure, pursue environmental justice, and stop all oil and gas drilling on public lands and in Federal waters.  Additionally, my American Dream Act would: 

  • Support a new carbon tax on carbon emissions to provide an economic incentive for businesses to reduce their emissions.
  • Support marginalized communities that are disproportionately impacted by climate change and environmental or occupational toxins.  
  • Eliminate fossil fuel subsidies to oil and gas companies. 
  • Provide comprehensive climate change education so that young people grow up with an awareness for reducing their carbon footprint.


The American Dream is for all people.  In Congress, I will support expanding access to voting rights, reproductive care, champion the needs of LGBTQ+ youth and families, support the rights of workers to organize and collectively bargain, and pursue a permanent solution for DACA recipients and DREAMers. Additionally, my American Dream Act would: 

  • Provide non-U.S. nationals who entered the United States as a minor, a path to receive permanent resident status.
  • Expand funding that support LGBTQ+ youth and provide safe spaces, mental health services, and support networks for parents and children.   
  • Ensure access to inclusive and culturally competent healthcare for LGBTQ+ individuals, addressing health disparities among racial and ethnic minorities, and expanding access to HIV/AIDS prevention and treatment.
  • Allow for LGBTQ+ individuals to deduct costs of medical expenses related to assisted reproduction treatments, surrogacy, and surrogacy arrangements, including in-vitro fertilization. 
  • Support creation of a national standard to protect personal reproductive and sexual health data on personal mobile devices. 
  • Enact automatic voter registration and expand the ability to vote by mail.