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Meet Jirair Ratevosian

Dr. Jirair Ratevosian is a proud Armenian American from Los Angeles. He was born in Hollywood and grew up in Sunland, the son of Armenian and Lebanese immigrants. An experienced federal policy leader, public health doctor and progressive voice for change, Jirair has dedicated his life to helping others and spent his career bringing diverse communities together to solve big challenges.

Jirair was appointed by President Biden as the most senior Armenian American official at the State Department; served as legislative director to Congresswoman Barbara Lee; was a grassroots community organizer and activist; and worked in the private sector. A product of the school system in Los Angeles, he graduated from UCLA and has a doctoral degree in public health from Johns Hopkins.

Jirair Ratevosian and Micheal Ighodaro

Jirair is running for Congress because there is so much at stake to ensure everyone in our community has equal opportunities and a fair shot to chase their own dream. With unmatched federal and foreign policy experience, Jirair already knows how Washington works and what needs to change to help make Los Angeles better, more prosperous, and more equal. As the son of Armenian immigrants, and an openly gay public servant, Jirair brings needed representation and generational change to strengthen all communities across Los Angeles to ensure Congress is more reflective of our incredible diversity and responsive to the people of California-30.


Dr. Jirair Ratevosian is a public servant that has always worked to bring together diverse cultures and communities, and build bipartisan coalitions and partnerships to get things done.

Jirair completes AIDS Life Cycle

Jirair has advanced policies and programs that have made HIV medicines more affordable around the world, expanded healthcare services for racially and ethnically diverse communities as part of the Affordable Care Act, protected women’s reproductive rights, defended the rights of all LGBTQ+ communities in the United States and around the world, and mobilized federal resources for California. Globally, Jirair has worked to promote development and diplomacy as tenants of US foreign policy as it relates to Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria and Artsakh, mobilize federal funding to reverse the impact of climate change, prevent future pandemics, and demand accountability and justice for genocide and other crimes against humanity. As a senior health advisor to President Biden, Jirair helped clean up Trump’s pandemic mess and co-authored Biden’s COVID-19 plan.

Jirair and his dog, Jozi Ruth

Because of his deep Washington experience and work as a community organizer, Jirair is the only candidate in this race with the necessary experience to bring different communities together, stand up to Republican extremists in Congress and protect our values on day one.

Jirair enjoys cycling, hiking, and spending time with family, his fiance Micheal Ighodaro and their dog Jozi Ruth.