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Democrats Serve endorses Jirair’s congressional bid in California’s 30th District.

Highlighting his public service background, the national organization plans to actively support Jirair Ratevoian in his 2024 election.

Washington DC. (February 16, 2024) – Democrats Serve, a national organization supporting Democrats with public service backgrounds, announced the endorsement of Jirair’s congressional bid in California’s 30th District.

Democrats Serve’s executive director, Brett Broesder, stated that Jirair’s public service experience, serving as senior advisor for health systems and health security at the U.S. Department of State and as a Congressional aide makes him an excellent example of someone who can excel as a candidate and policymaker.

“Public service isn’t just a job for Jirair Ratevosian; it’s his way of life,” said Broesder.

Jirair Ratevosian noted that he’s thrilled to receive Democrats Serve’s support.

“I am honored to receive the endorsement from Democrats Serve, whose support propels our campaign’s mission to enact real change in our communities,” said Ratevosian. “Angelenos in the 30th District deserve to be represented by an official who knows the issues that directly affect their lives and a member of Congress who has experience fighting for them at the federal level. Not only am I the most capable and qualified for the job, but I am also the only candidate with D.C. experience and will fight to ensure our constituents’ voices are heard in the places where decisions are made.”

Congressman Adam Schiff’s (D) run for Senate leaves this seat open in 2024. This solid democrat district includes the LA suburbs of Glendale, Burbank and West Hollywood. 

For the 2024 elections, the group has made endorsements nationwide, including: U.S. Senate Candidates: Angela Alsobrooks (MD) and Lisa Blunt Rochester (DE); Incumbent House Democrats: Yadira Caraveo (CO-03), Jasmine Crockett (TX-30), and Val Foushee (NC-04); and U.S. House Candidates: Sabrina Bousbar (FL-13), Gil Cisneros (CA-31), Sam Eppler (TX-24), Adam Gray (CA-13), Ron Harris (MN-03), Dave Min (CA-47), Jessica Morse (CA-03), Josh Riley (NY-19), Kristen McDoanld Rivet (MI-08), Mike Rogers (MD-03), Will Rollins (CA-41), Joel Rubin (MD-06), Rudy Salas (CA-22), Briana Sewell (VA-07), Missy Cotter Smasal (VA-02), Derek Tran (CA-45), Tony Vargas (NE-02), and Brian Williams (TX-32).

Democrats Serve’s overall national effort consists of recruiting, training, and supporting Democrats with backgrounds serving communities in government, including educators, police officers, firefighters, first responders, social workers, judges, prosecutors, public defenders, public health nurses, and more.

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